About Norsgard

Norsgard is a tabletop wargame set in the cold realm of Isbran - a land of ice and fire.  The players in this game play out the skirmishes of small bands of warriors led into battle by heroes.



The devoted templars of the Order of the Ram fulfill an ancient oath and protect the lands from evil. On the mountain passes they fight alone against the barbarians of the Tribe of Mork, barbarians who long ago sold their souls to demons. From their towers the orcs of the Order of the Ram also keep a sharp eye for the Ice Elves and Wulfkins armies lurking just beyond the mountains.



The barbarians of the Egir Tribe travel the cold oceans. They venture further and further north of their city-states, their fates written by wind and sea. These hardy sailors and warriors take no heed of ancient prophecies.


Deep in the mountains live the Dwarves. Insensitive to the affair of the land above, they fight their battles with the creatures from below. They do not expect anyone's help, and they will lend none themselves...


Never again will you have to depend on a single dice roll - in this game you literally roll a handful. Watch as they shape the fate of your warriors and thanks to simple, easy-to-learn mechanics you will be able to concentrate on your strategy instead of trying to remember an obscure rules technicality.