The Scarlet Watch

Templars of the Order of the Ram are perceived as relicts of a bygone age, proud knights whose days of glory have already come and gone. All the same, the order has its share of dark
secrets. During a battle amid mountain passes, a group of templars, lured by promises of power, entered into a pact with the undead and joined the force intent on subjugating Isbran. None besides the templars have ever learned of this treachery. The order’s Master wasted no time in sending out to Raven Keep, situated in the path of the oncoming army, mages of the inner circle assisted by a detachment of the elite Ysil Guard that they swiftly dispatch the traitors.

The bitter clash took place at the gates of the old fortress. Faithful Templars  laughtered the undead and renegade brothers alike without a shred of pity. With the death of the head necromancer, the undead resistance faltered and soon enough their army took flight. All that remained were dazed templars who had not long ago forsaken their comrades for the enemy... But now, without the necromancer, without sweet promises whispering into their minds, the horridness of the act they had perpetrated finally occurred to them in full. They dropped their weapons at once and surrendered to their fate.

The surviving pair of mages kept the Ysil Guard from executing the traitors. Instead, they were shackled and marched back home through the night... disgraced, under the gloom brought on by heavy clouds clotting the sky. None of the victors raised the order’s banner in triumph that day.

The renegades were locked away in the fortress dungeon, while the mages sought counsel with the Master.

Ultimately, the decision was against putting the brothers corrupted by the vile sorcerer to the sword. The order had been slowly worn away by never-ending wars and the ranks of the templars were ever diminishing. The traitors were given an opportunity to redeem themselves through honorable death in defense of Isbran. Naturally, for fear of them again falling to necromantic temptations, they were not stationed in mountain posts but instead charged with keeping forest roads clear of barbarians. They were to be watched over by mages and fellow templars who had taken part in the shameful battle. And thus was the Scarlet Watch born.